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1.10 Introducing v6mr2.com

Have you ever wanted to stick a V6 engine in a MR2? Well now there is a site that will help you fulfill that dream. Take a trip over to V6MR2.com


12.12 Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone! Where's my gifts? ;)


10.17 We are back online

Welcome back everyone, as you may have noticed we have a new site layout and design. We've changed to this format because it is more flexible then our old frame based site. For some of you that have been with us for a wile you might recognize some of the images in the top banner, they are from the original Ridge Tech Racing site. It's my homage to the old with a splash of the new.

10.3 Server Damaged by Katrina

Do to the damage cause by Katrina the company that host's my web site lost power. They are working on getting portable generators until there power is restored.