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Devil Motor Sports has a long history behind it. We first started out as Blue Ridge Sports Car Club, back in '99, but as the times changed so did we. We where no longer a purely sport car oriented club. We've become a club for everyone interested in the betterment of their car. The club then became Ridge Tech Racing in '00. Devil Motor Sports (DMS), are newest phase in '02, is now the business end. DMS does all of the dirty work, such as maintaining the site and all the services.

The original idea of the Blue Ridge Sports Car Club was thought up by Jim Persek and Chris Jackson. From their beings with just two members and an idea the club has expanded to 11 active members and a total of 16.

In fall of '01 we learned of another car club in are area that held local Auto Crosses, High Land Sport Car Club. Several of are members have sense joined their club as well to compete in their Auto Crosses.

As we continue to grow and expanded we have are goal set on one day opening a store front. As for now we will continue using the shops we have.